12 August 2017

a little blogger luncheon..

deanna's visit prompted a little blogger's luncheon.
 so i contacted some girlies and most of us 
were available to meet up for proper giggles, 
candor, encouragement, and food. 
always food. glorious food. 
this food was consumed at chikfilA. 
salads all around. yUm.

left to right ::
deanna with creekside cottage ..
deborah who needs a blog as tuscan lady ..
cheryl with coppers wife ..
me, myself and i ..
susan who formerly blogged at
     a life of grace, and a contented life
     and needs to begin blogging again  ..

these ladies are excellent human beings.
so thankful, blessed, pleased .. 
to know
each one. 
i love spending time with
*real* people .. 
no facade .. no pretense.
these people? 
these girlies? & those invited
who weren't able to attend? 
these people.. are real people. 
open hearted.
speaking truth.  
no mask.
full of grace. 
beautiful souls.

through conversation some 
needs were quietly observed and are being 
prayed over .. 
knowing He who allows and directs
the course of events in our lives, 
is made strong through 
our weakness. 
in Him 
have our very being. 
our comfort. 
our peace.
our wholeness. 
our everything. 
all in all.

to this day, i relive moments of those
two hours that passed at light speed.
or so it seemed.
already i long for a time to immerse myself
in the comfort of their presence once again,
enlarging our little gathering to the few more
like minded girlies 
(those few who weren't able to attend) 
even further enrich the time spent..

when you take leave of an event
and long for it to not have ended,
you're in the right place.



  1. Ah, how sweet- really! This made me think- INVITE ME! made me really smile- REALLY

    1. consider THIS your invitation. make your stagecoach reservation, sweetie. ♥

  2. Sherry, I'm so glad you gathered with your blog friends and had a nice visit. They sound like gracious ladies. Thank you for inviting me also, I appreciate that.


    ps.....I love your smile. : )

    1. i'm wanting to plan another gathering. .
      hoping your schedule will make way for
      joining in when that time comes. ♥

    2. and thank you ....
      been smiling more lately. ;)

  3. Yes, you know you're in the right place. Far better to go wishing to more time than to stay and wish for time to go! Oh, how I wish I were close enough to join you with these friends.

    1. sooo true, ad! been there done that.. :/
      it would have been lovely to have you there
      as well. the giggles were right up your alley!

  4. So fun! I'm glad it was such a great time together and I hope one day to be able to join in the fun. Lack of a vehicle that week made me a homebody.

    1. you were missed, sweet dani. ♥
      next time!!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful group of ladies. You are surely blessed.

  6. This was the first time for me to meet Susan and Deborah, and Cheryl in person! I had the best time! I am now FB friends with all of them and I am loving getting to know each one better! And Insta friends with Dani, too!

    Thank you dear soul, for your thoughtful planning of this event. There was instant friendship and I felt accepted and known! This was one of the highlights of my trip!

  7. Meeting together with like-minded sisters, "real people" as you say, meets deep needs in our souls. What a blessing for all of you to be able to gather for fellowship and encouragement.

    These words leapt off the screen:

    "knowing He who allows and directs
    the course of events in our lives
    is made strong through
    our weakness"

    Strengthening words. Thank you.

    1. i'm soaking in those words this morning as well.
      ready reminders for every day life. bless you sweetly.

  8. Replies
    1. {{ hug }}
      it would have been **grand** to have
      you there as well, brenda. :)

  9. Precious gifts, time spent with precious ladies!! ~tammy

    1. {{{ tammy }}}
      it's a shame we don't live closer to one another..

    2. One day sweet lady!!! We will meet, face to face <3!!!! It may be at the feet of Jesus, but i hope it happens sooner than that :-)!!!!

  10. I was so very blessed by having been invited, meeting new friends (and now FB friends), and spending that precious time with all of you that afternoon. I hope I am on the guest list when you plan the next *get-together*. It makes my heart happy that you were blessed that day my friend. :)

    1. oh my goodness .. of COURSE you're invited!
      ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. Nice to see everyone! I recognize some of these names. :)


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