30 August 2017

do the next thing.

nights remain short .. sometimes.
other nights deliver sleep through to
the amazing time of 5:23am. such was
the case this morning. blessed rest. 

strong liquid life filtered into a newish
favored cup {couture}, embraced by
willing hands, sipped in the path of
morning breeze. an excellent beginning
to my anticipated busy day. 

now showered and hair washed
dressed and shoes on
{white linen pants, gray tank,
gray light sweater .. pearl earrings},
breakfast nearly complete 
{yogurt & fruit}, 
i'll soon roll these heavy locks 
under my ball cap, grab evelyn's
necklace {leash}, and follow her
lead on a good stroll.
who's walking who?

there are days ..
or moments of days ..
i'm unsure how to proceed
as my surroundings
or situations are sometimes
it is those times i remember the
words of Elisabeth Elliot ..

whatever be in front of you .. do that.
and remember that where  you are
presently .. is holy ground. you may
not understand the why or how, but 
know that our Lord has  you there for
a greater purpose .. seek Him in that.
in all things. allow Him to embrace
and settle  you in the protective span
of His wings. allow Him to speak to 
your heart of hearts .. & in quiet repose...
listen. be in the Word .. lean in.

" ... that this is my life; this is my story, and each chapter is certainly not easy, and yet if i will just continue to press through the obstacles, continue surrendering to the journey ..."
                                          ~ Jolina Petersheim

"Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me."     ~Philippians 3:12

if you'd like me to pray specifically please feel free to email me at andwearpearls at gmail dot com. your request will be held close to my heart and shared heavenward that which concerns.

with love,


  1. Sherry, thanks so much, just what I needed to hear today;)sally

  2. "Wherever you are presently is holy ground." Profound. And profoundly true. Sometimes doing the next thing doesn't seem enough, and yet it is the only thing TO do. Thank you for these wise and encouraging words today, Sherry. ((Hugs)) and prayers for you as you live this out . . .

    1. .. & only by the grace, love, mercy, strength of Jesus Christ can any of us take the next step. . . toward wholeness in Him. blessed be the One who fills my soul. ♥

  3. It is very special that you not only talk to God.....but listen. : ) Yes, in your quiet time, remember to say a prayer for this lady. And thank you.


    1. i *do* pray for you, sheri ♥
      and will continue..
      prayer .. that sweet time of conversation
      with the Holy of Holies. one must be quiet
      to hear His voice to our innermost being. ♥

  4. Oh Sherry ... what a precious lady you are ... such a bleesing :) the words of Elizabeth Elliot are always so spot on!

    1. elliot's words are precious ongoing reminders,
      biblically based, to live upright. ♥
      so thankful they speak to your heart as well..

  5. You don't have to publish this comment but I don't know if my auto correct on my phone used blessing or bleeding ... (laughing here)

  6. Elisabeth Elliot. . .oh, how I miss her. Thank you for posting this. xo

    1. her Holy Spirit infused words live on... ♥

  7. I've always loved these words of Elizabeth Elliot's. I just had this conversation with a dear friend, "do the next thing." Simple yet profound. Keeps me from getting in a muddle.

    Love to you, Clark and Evelyn...

    1. love you and yours right back ♥♥
      ..and yes, something so simple but a powerhouse phrase!

  8. Wise words from EE that often come to my mind. She was 'one of a kind' and I was blessed to hear her speak once. Thanks for the reminder! Blessings.

    1. i heard her speak once as well!
      she shared about suffering .. how very
      dear that i've remembered many of her words
      to this day .. from that day. ♥

  9. Words so appropriate to my life right now. Just back from a dream of a trip with much to do to move forward in 'real' life. Doing the next step leads in the right direction of what God has planned. Love you much, dear friend.

    1. ahh yes.. coming home to real life.
      in all its fullness and sometimes glory.
      and sometimes challenges.. oh that
      life could be a vacation! ♥

  10. Thank you, Sherry, for the prayers, I appreciate it. : )

  11. Thanks for just being YOU...it tugs at my inner self and while sometimes challenges me it also reassures me that what I am doing - little or much- on Like Gramma's House is real and whatever I am lacking a level of honesty is not -(LACKING)

    1. & in the course of our days, real life happens. ♥

  12. Sherry, thank you for the EE quote as I had no idea it was "hers". The older I get (thank you Lord) the more I know it's doing the next thing that is, generally, the right thing. I start my day with Chambers, Spurgeon, Young and five chapters of the Bible. It's the only way I keep sane and, generally, on focus.
    God loves you and so do I.
    Be well and be blessed.
    love and prayers in Him.

    1. ♥ the way you begin your day and the choices of reading material. soothing and sanctifying..

  13. Precious post my friend!

    i open my eyes and take deep breath with gratefulness to my Creator who is kind and generous to bless me with so much that i can't count and top of it if ,health,family and above all the SENSE OF GOD'S PRESENCE AROUND ME <INSIDE ME that keeps me content as dead


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