10 August 2017

my days are full.

.  .  .  memorizing a basket of moments to sift through at a later date to remind oneself of sweetness in life 
and the beauty of togetherness.

* my father is settling in nicely in his new home. he's now a california guy. big changes for him beginning in april, taking a serious tumble in his home, signifiant health concern(s), hospitalization, skilled nursing, then transporting him from florida to california to another skilled nursing home which meant airline delays, all day travel,13 wheel chair transfers and assisted through the journey by sandy, one of my 431 sisters. arrived and settled by nearly midnight. feeling very blessed to have my father nearby and spending ample time together through the weeks. keeping a keen eye on the menu i know which days to bring him something more palatable, more to his liking. and pizza. and a sweet. and fresh fruit. and a hug.

* and as of today, dad's room television features the channel he prefers.. the channel showing jeopardy and wheel of fortune. 
and saturday at 6, lawrence welk. all is right in the world. 

* my sister and her husband ron visited for a few days.. they took lots of time to dote on dad. it was wonderful having shirley here.. i'm forever the silly little sister. proof: 

yes, we look alike. we're often mistaken for twins. there's just one difference. i'm younger by 2.5 years. i'll always be younger. strangely though, she has zero wrinkles. seriously. and that little fact vexes me to no end. i think i know her secret. botox. not really .. but i like saying that. wink.

* by the way, i'm the chickie on the left.
the one with the wrinkles {& teeth}. sigh..

* deanna from Creekside Cottage, and family, visited as well! they had a wedding in a town just south of us so we opened our home for them to stay. a week went by fast! you can toodle over to her blog for pictures and stories .. here's a seaside pic of the two of us..

* deanna & 6 members of her family brought activity and sound to our otherwise typically quiet home. it's been quite a few years since we had a gaggle of girlies in these walls. seeing her daughters spar and love on one another was a joy.. meeting each one of our guests a delight, especially Isla the sweetest grandbaby-girlie in the history of adorable. life lived fully   

* food happened. of course.. wink.
sometimes home cooked and sometimes assembled and one time a breakfast of fresh fruits, and donuts from honey's donuts, a favorite in town treat. the apple fritter {just a corner} was heavenly.

* last morning breakfast on the patio for the young couple and sweet Isla ::

* baby toesies.

* isla and evelyn got along just peachy.

* as of this week i'm visiting dad specific days and one day on the weekend depending on my schedule and that of my hubby. the 'off' days i talk with dad on the cell.. he called me yesterday afternoon to say hello and let me know that "he's talking to me on his cell phone and getting the hang of it." i'm proud of him .. learning new things can be challenging, especially this new fangled technology. next is texting.. no. no, that won't be happening. lol.. every visit i take his laundry  home then bring it back (cleaned and folded) the next visit. i ensure his needs are being met, talk with staff, offer a 'daily dose of dad' to the sisters via text, love on that guy, take him for walks (i walk and push his wheel chair) in the residential neighborhood surrounding his home, and talk with a few other residents, many with no visitors... that's a blog post for another time. 

until next time, blessings on  your day ..



hostess of the humble bungalow said...

You must be pleased that your dad is now closer to you so you can keep an eye on him and he'll benefit from your visits. It can be a lonely life when one is a senior...my Mother really relied on my sister and I for her entertainment as all her friends had passed away. I miss her but know that she is at peace
Love your hair!!! Your skin is lovely and I think you look radiant and beautiful.

GrammaGrits said...

What joy to have your dad nearby so you can see him! And to have Deanna and girls visit, too. Blessings on your week and on you for loving on your dad!

Sherry said...

i'm realizing with new clarity the plight our elderly face .. so many are forgotten. just placed in a 'home' and forgotten. breaks my heart. thank you for your thoughts on this subject - i'm holding them close and will share with my sisters soon.

and thank you for the sweet compliment. we tend to be our own worst critics, a habit i'm long to be rid of!

Sherry said...

i'm realizing with new clarity the plight our elderly face .. so many are forgotten. just placed in a 'home' and forgotten. breaks my heart. thank you for your thoughts on this subject - i'm holding them close and will share with my sisters soon.

and thank you for the sweet compliment. we tend to be our own worst critics, a habit i'm long to be rid of!

Sherry said...

hey there .. so good to see you on this little site. ♥
it's been a full couple plus months. stretching me in
ways needed and even uncomfortable .. but always growing.
so thankful dad is in california now. :)

Red Rose Alley said...

Sherry, I'm so glad you're close to your dad now and can spend time with him. I'm sure he loves it. That's exciting you met your blog friend and had a visit for a few days. The breakfast looks Yummy, and my mom loved apple fritters. : ) This is such a cute picture of you and your sister. Sometimes we can get silly around our sisters. Glad you're dad settling into his new place, and this is a darling picture of him.


Jonell Harrison said...

mmm, life is all about CHANGES.isn't it? I do need to get back to blog posting. I love seeing your "and wearing pearls" it always makes me SMILE:)

Carissa Anne said...

Wow, the food!!! And baby toes!!!!! Love it!
Your riches will be in heaven for taking care of your dear papa the way you do.
We go over to visit hubby's mama twice a week, and sometimes more during special events. It can be so sad sometimes, the other residents that do not have any family, or at least family that cares, oh my, it breaks my heart. When all of this first happened I wasn't sure what to think about how often the children should go, but they have been through it all and have seen it all and have more compassion than ever now. They go around and give hugs and answer the same questions over and over, they laugh and wheel residents up and down the halls, color Easter eggs with them and play chess with them. Everyone has adopted them as their own. Compassion and grace and companionship, it is so needed for our elderly. "Realizing with new clarity", this I understand, and I have learned so much from my children too.
I am happy that your papa is near by for you and how sweet of you to host this family too!!!

Deanna Rabe said...

We adored spending the week with you! You are a fabulous hostess, friend! My girls loved getting to know you, too! You and Sarah - kindred spirits in the youngest sister/mischievous behavior! :)

Love the way you are loving your Dad -

Come see us so we can spoil you and Clark!

Regine Karpel said...


Sherry said...

g'morning Regine ♥
will be visiting my father a good long time
today .. bringing a few treats and hugs and hellos.

Sherry said...

the youngest of siblings need to stick together
to thwart the evil plans of the elder siblings.
so there. wink. hug.
looking SO forward to the time we can pull into
your drive for a visit. in autumn. one year
soon. :) love you.

Sherry said...

we would have loved to have you at the lil luncheon, sheri. you would have fit in perfectly and be with folks oh so similar in life. :) there will be another opportunity to plan something hopefully in the not too distant future. ♥ i'm loving time with my father.. tending and blessing. for him, yes .. but me as well.

Sherry said...

Jonell!!!! ♥ SO good to 'see' you :) big hugs.
yes, you DO need to begin blogging again, IF
that's the thing right for you at the time.
a while back i read a phrase,
"blogging without obligation" .. i rather like that idea.
and yes, life is full of changes .. daily.
and as cheryl with copperswife says,
"hold your plans loosely." ♥♥♥

Sherry said...

i ♥ that your children bless the folks where your mother in love lives. how precious for the elderly AND your children. makes my heart glad to learn this practice. i have my eye on 2 people (in addition to my daddy) that i always stop to talk with and get a better view of their little world.

Adrienne said...

Loved sharing your memories. What a sweet time with guests who were visiting. I must admit that I was just a sweet bit sad that I was too far away to join the luncheon. Love how your father is adjusting and how you are caring for him. This is time you will treasure for many years. Wish I could join you two for your neighborhood walks near his new home. What fun we three could having enjoying the adventure.

Sherry said...

♥ you being here would have been icing on the cake, sweet friend! just returned home from visiting him then hitting wallyworld on a hunt for extra wide shoes for the sweet ole guy. this morning i brought him some tobasco so he could season his food. it's a big thing for him, and some of the other men at the home. real big. a couple of guys are out of tobasco and i don't recall seeing family visiting... okey doke. i'll be bringing them new bottles of the spicy stuff.

Jonell Harrison said...

Delite-ful.....YOU ARE!!!!

Anonymous said...

With a busy life as a wife/mother, and working outside the home full-time, I am down to reading only 3 blogs these days;yours is, of course, one of them. And posts like this one are why.

*Loved* all the pics, and am eagerly awaiting your post regarding our neglected elderly.

Love you Lady! ♡

Sherry said...

i love you too dear michele ♥♥
honored to be in your list of visited blogs.
means quite a lot. huggies.

JC at the uncommon pearl said...

I can remember visiting the home my Mom was in a number of years ago. Sweet Pea and I would go almost everyday and M when he could. Yes, there are so many forgotten people longing for some loving interaction. I'm sure you bring sunshine to their day...and tabasco😉.Im so glad to hear your Daddy is doing so well. He is one tough guy with what he has endured the last six months!

Sherry said...

i bought dad a pair of tennie runners yesterday .. will bring them on our visit tomorrow with my hubby, along with a pizza. half sausage - half pepperoni. thinking i'll bring a fun cloth for the table too. we'lpick up a large size pie so his roomie can enjoy a slice or three, and the cna who takes *such* good care of dad. angeline is a Godsend.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had some wonderful visits!!! You always gots good groceries!!! So fun to hear of your Dad learnin his cell phone. I love you hear of the shows he enjoys too!!! Sweet stuff!~tammy

Sherry said...

i bought him a pair of tennie runners so he can feel complete when he gets dressed in the morning. now he tears up the carpeted aisles with relative ease. he's funny.

TuscanLady said...

I love the sweet picture of your Dad and of the *baby toes* ... sweetness at two ends of this thing called life. :)

Sherry said...

i didn't see it that way at first...
thank you for expanding my vision. ♥