22 August 2017

what to wear.

and sometimes your morning cup 
of liquid life offers up 
a eureka! moment of wisdom ... 
... and necessity.

"because life is too short to 
drink from an ugly cup.."


  1. Right on! Love your morning cup. I just bought a new cup that delights my heart. Love cups. Could collect them but must discipline myself. Never hurts to look!

    1. i'm now known to rotate coffee cups.
      in finding a new to me one that i simply
      couldn't live without .. i make sure it's
      special. more special than the one i'll
      be adopting out.

  2. Replies
    1. mama said there'd be days like this... ;)

  3. Yes, gotta have a sweet cup to drink our coffee and tea. Love yours. And oh, how I love coffee. ; )


    1. a pretty or simply engaging cup is paramount!
      so thankful you're a coffee lover as well, sheri. :)

  4. Replies
    1. i saw that cup and just *had* to add it
      to my little rotating collection.

  5. Amen! I used to use my morning mug as my inspiration for the day...used to post my mug choice online too!

    Since I LOVE Christmas, my mug collection has been narrowed down to two: Both vintage Christmas mugs. In my mind, every day is either before Christmas or after...the countdown never ends.

    Ironically, I've known my husband for nearly 5 years and he ALWAYS drinks from a mug that says, "Fifty is Nifty!" He's 76. He admits it's a very old mug.

    Have a great day,

  6. Oh my goodness the cup speaks truth, but that napkin!!!! THAT is great!!! ~tammy

  7. First...liquid life is a must! then wisdom also? perfect way to start our morning :0) mari

  8. Haha! Love the cup AND the napkin. My favorite cup is adorned with pink cottage roses. Though a thrift store find at 25 cents, it think of it as a great treasure. Hugs.


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