10 October 2017

there's a pulse... pinky promise.

it's not like i don't want to blog
or have nothing to say ..
i just don't know how to say it at present.
and i don't want to elaborate on a public forum.
and ..
it's just that i'm keeping a semi quiet existence,
sorta kinda -
dealing with some personal things,
hosting guests at the pearl b&b
or so it has seemingly become,
cooking, planning a vintage trailer gathering,
baking, occasionally not making wise choices
for myself in the food department but doing my
best to correct that series of unfortunate events
resultant from stress,
loving on my precious pooch, 
loving on my wonderful husband,
not necessarily in that order..
changing up my home furnishings
just a tich, 
continuing plans for the hub's retirement
for a date we're unsure of at this point
but we're focusing on preparing rather
than scrambling - know what i mean? ,
keeping an eye on horrific weather patterns
in our nation - and our world,
keeping an eye on horrific fires north of us,
keeping an eye on the terrible in las vegas,
sometimes longing to run away
which i've considered more as an adult
than when i was a child,
but wanting to take my hubs and pooch along
for the ride cuz they're my favorites...
but the hubs needs to ride shotgun
cuz i want to do the driving. wink.
that's not all .. but it's a vague assessment.
here's some pictures..........
camper new to us, 
dad's 88th, 
living room simplicity.
you're welcome.

egg over czech potato pancake

living room simplified.
changing things up is in progress.
more on that subject later.


my father on his 88th

he just couldn't wait ..
demanded a bite of his
coconut cake .. made him a lil one
all his very own.
it was his birthday, so...
amish recipe..
will share the recipe later.

the 1st batch was sorry.
the 2nd batch divine..

roasted veggies for soup. 

chicken soup
(not with the roasted veggies shown above)

pineapple pie ..

platter of fresh and grilled wonderfulness..

for salad.

large italian bell peppers..
the scorching heat made them happy.

then i roasted them (see picture high up)

salad yUm. {mine}

salad yUm. {hubs}

salad yUm. more..

from the ground up restoration
of a new to us boles aero (55).
what have we taken on *this* time..?!

the outside is shiny and all purty-like.
the inside? down to the aluminum frame.
oh boy. this is a doozie.
there's a purpose in this 'new' camper.
really. pinky promise. 
stay tuned in for more.

hoping your days are filled with wonder ..
and if they aren't, that you could seek the One
who can offer His peace, His protection,
His leading by quiet waters .. all while in His safe embrace.

with love,


Deanna Rabe said...

I've been thinking of you so much lately, praying, and missing you. Sad about the fires north of you, thinking of all that loss.

Much love!

Red Rose Alley said...

All the food looks wonderful on here, Sherry. Those roasted veggies are mouth watering. And the chocolate chip cookies, my favorite. This is a treasured picture of your dad on his birthday. Happy 88th! Your living room is charming - I like the pale yellow walls.

I hope you're doing well. Sometimes keeping a quiet existence is nice. Just took a drive in the country this morning for the very same reason. : )

Take care,


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Yum to the food and the cake. I'd love to come over for conversation over that dinner. :)

copperswife said...

I've missed you!

Sherry said...

thank you for praying, dear friend. ♥♥
and yes, very sad about the fires. we know
folks in those parts and thankfully most
of them are safe. most. our nation has been
hit in varied ways with natural disasters..
the hubs and i are talking more about preparedness,
and all it entails and the importance of ...

Sherry said...

a few things:
1) my father was surprised *I* made the yUmmy cookies. gee. thanks dad. ;)
2) the first batch was meant for the trash but the hubs insisted on taking them to work. bah! so embarrassing. and of course his second in command eats one and says his wife can do better. argh! i know that sweet wife and am in agreement. i plan on somehow putting a tack on the chair of the second in command. pffbbbrtt.
3) a drive in the country would do me well about now.
4) dad loved his coconut cake **piled** with vanilla buttercream and toasted coconut. he has been forgiven his disbelief that i made yUmmy cookies.
5) changes in the living room is a refreshing thing.

Sherry said...

you are welcome ANY time, brenda. {{{hug}}}
i made sugar free chocolate muffins the other day,
to the hubs delight. he's careful on his sugar intake.
i'll share the recipe soon.

Sherry said...

me too you.
we need to meet at chik-fil-a for lunch.. ;)
i was missing my brain for a few years but this
sunday my niece found it in under the seat of the
couch we gave her and her hubs. thank the Lord.

living simplicity said...

Sherry .. your presence has been missed immensely! 😊

JC at the uncommon pearl said...

Lots of life going on in your little corner of this great big world, dear friend. Ah, retirement...those are happy words. Loved all the pics, but especially the warmth and simplicity in your living room and the one of Your Dad going after ***HIS** cake with great gusto!
Love and hugs from afar.

Jonell Harrison said...

You, lady-are totally delightful! Reading this post is encouraging me...really. I have been for weeks & weeks or has it been MONTHS bemoaning the fact that I'm neglecting to write...can't seem to get back on track. As I am halfway down this post of yours I begin to say to self: "Self, you CAN do this." I begin this conversation with self ...reminding her (me) how much I enjoy and connect reading the thoughts of this ( choose a word that's NOT 'delightful' ) person. She is funny, quirky, open, adventurous...has to be very pretty- with a blog title like AND WEAR PEARLS she has to be so lovely....wait, I think I disconnected somewhere a block or so back- anyway basically IF SHE CAN STILL SHOW UP WITH GREAT POSTS surely I can pull it together again, right?? If I never see comments from you on Like Gramma's House I'll know why~ a long around about way to say...enjoyed visiting and you have motivated me...

GrammaGrits said...

You have been missed greatly! I've checked every day. . . staying with my husband and dear MIL in TX and missing home, but needed to help with her care in these days. Love your livingroom, food looks amazing, too!

Sharon said...

Hi Sherry, I have been thinking about you. I understand that I need to retreat, and take breathers, for my well being. I pulled out my tubs of fall decor, and put it inside the house. The truth is...I am just not feeling it...at all. I am putting my patio to bed, and I am sad for the rainy season here in Oregon. Take care friend.

Sherry said...

you're very kind. ♥

Sherry said...

about dad ::: it's all about food and bingo.
love you and miss you ♥♥

Sherry said...

you're the second person who has referred to me as quirky. hm. wink.. you CAN write and i wish you WOULD write. i'll be keeping my one good eye open for that alert. hugs.

Sherry said...

thank you, friend.
hoping you're able to squirrel in a bit of
your own home into your visit with your MIL. ♥

Sherry said...

i get that. completely..
i have two pumpkins purchased from trader joe's.
the autumn bin remains in the garage rafters..
why? hm. not wanting to add to my increasingly
simplified existence i suppose. or i'm just going
through a phase.. not sure which.
hoping you can fluff up your inside life just a tich
while the world rains outside this upcoming season
in your little corner of blogdom. ♥

Adrienne said...

I SO wish I could drive down and have time with you, dear friend. So much going on and a 'run-away' trip would be a delight! Your 'fixin's' look delectable and your dear father is blessed to have you close by.

Sherry said...

me too .. though i wish i HAD time to HAVE time at this point. we should definitely shoot for 2018 girls campout. just the 2 of us. okey doke? at the half way location point in october. ♥

Cheryl said...

Dear girl, your life is so full . . . so full of doing things for others! Of course, blogging has to take a back seat while those things take the front seat. It is always good to see you pop in and touch base . . . sharing those tantalizing meals you make, sharing a pic or two of your sweet daddy (Happy birthday to him!), telling us about Evelyn, and some of the details of your life.

We're here when you're here. ♥

Sherry said...

thank you, cheryl..
i'm forever in prayer that my heart will be in the right place while caring for my father, or home, or hubby, or pooch, or whatever. i admit to *needing* prayer in that light. . . for the heart is wicked and fickle. yipes.

evelyn purrs. really. wink.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you!!! You are missed and you are loved!!!! Life is BuSy!!! You got great priorities!! The Lord bless you as you search, grow, struggle, and hunger for Him precious lady. He is for you. Always. with much love ~tammy

Sherry said...

Dearest Tammy.. i look so forward to meeting you. On earth or in glory. Hugs coming your way.

Pam Jackson said...

I have chicken and dumplings cooking in the slow cooker.....and after seeing all that yummy looking food I am wishing those dumplings would hurry up and get done.!!! Love the living room. I have way too much crap (special stuff) sitting around for my room to look that clean and adorable.