19 January 2018


{daughter coined word when a wee girlie for 'last year'
isn't really much different in the present year ... 
as far as food goes. and cold viruses.

still yUmmy salad(s)..
this one with pistachios, artichoke hearts, scallions, 
spring greens, tomatoes, and a drizzle of dressing.

making soup stock..
this one :: beef.
nearly 24 hours on low in the crock pot.
so rich.

draining through the colander..

and a portion to make french onion soup..

the rest of the bread for croutons..
to go atop salads or used in breakfast casserole.

foggy mornings .. chilled temps .. 
though not as chilly as other parts of the USofA.
still makes for a bit of brrrrr on morning walks.

my days are fairly predictable but sometimes wrenches are thrown in the mix and plans are mixed a bit, necessary phone calls, meetings, prayer, strategic thinking ... and realizing that an even simpler life is both beneficial and healthy in all respects. 

downsizing a bit more. golly - just when you think particular cubbies are sorted and dealt with, there's more in place. how does this happen?! regardless, the other day i donated eight banker boxes filled with things no longer needed and while sifting through 
i wondered why i ever kept 'em! eye roll.

phase 1 of going through our daughter's memory boxes happened as well. phase 1 of multiple phases and golly what a challenge, a stretching of the heart, of bringing to the surface the incredibly lovely sweet wonderful memories .. and missing her. ♥

i'm done with the horrific cold virus. it lingers for the hubs. he spent another day the other day at home and in bed. hot tea with lemon and honey, chicken soup, cough drops, lotsa H2O. he's much better this morning or so it seems. but that cough! 

so last week my hair dryer gave up the ghost. i didn't want to venture out to find a new one so i hopped on amazon and with my prime membership lickity split found what i wanted and ordered it to arrive the next day. but instead of one day it took six. they (shipper) took the scenic route before placing the dryer on my door step. first world problems...

last night when the hubs got home, dinner wasn't ready. in fact, i hadn't even started it. the hubs invited me to The Habit Burger for a fine meal and i accepted. oh yes. he had the sourdough chicken sandwich and i had the grilled chicken over greens. delish. big time yUm. then in the rain we dashed across the parking lot and looked at all the junque we didn't need at Pier One. more dashing to the car then to fill up my suburban assault vehicle's tank then home where evelyn the precious pooch waited with bated breath. 
she's a sweetie. so's the hubby.

the other day i stopped at a favorite donut shop before visiting my dad at sherwood forest. bought a dozen donuts for the nurses and cinnamon rolls for dad and his roomie. typically my father closes his eyes when he eats .. he's always been a foodie .. 
eating the cinnamon roll was no different. 

a thought to consider .. 

until next time ...



Adrienne said...

May I just sit in your kitchen and take in the aromas? And, perhaps, learn new things from you, dear friend? I love the quote. And, oh, my The Habit would be a wonderful place to partake of edibles with you again.

Red Rose Alley said...

Pier 1 Imports, doughnuts, French onion soup, and foggy mornings.....all of my favorites, Sherry. It's been really foggy here too and so beautiful to take pictures of. I had the terrible cough like your husband, and boy, they linger on, don't they? That's wonderful that you are going through stuff and donating eight boxes to others that would surely love it. And a very special quote, indeed. I appreciate your posts filled with simplicity and loveliness, Sherry. And sending a hug as you're missing your daughter.


TuscanLady said...

Hugging you tightly ... through cyberspace and spiritually! Prayers and love being sent your way dear friend.

GrammaGrits said...

Just love everything about this post! You're blessed with describing places, food, people, etc. and the quote at the end was just what I needed! Special blessings to you and still praying . . . in Oregon!

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...
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Deanna Rabe said...

I imagine the memory boxes were hard to sort through. Praying...

So glad you’re well and trust the mister will be, too, soon.

What a sweetie you are to bring treats for the nurses and your dad and roomie.

Its all beauty for ashes....

Thankful for you, dear one.

Unknown said...

Thanks, friend. I needed that quote at the end. ((hugs)) Jan

Sherry said...

anytime, ad. ♥ .. though uncertain if i have anything to teach, much less you to learn. the habit burger place is always a good idea. :)

Sherry said...

this morning the hubs and i took a needed drive to a foothills town.. the views on the way {fog, fog, and more fog} were amazing. february for coffee one day...? so i can transfer ownership of something special. and meet you face to face. :)

Sherry said...

thanks my dear friend ♥
those hugs are returned 10 fold.

Sherry said...

you're not far from me, missy.

Sherry said...

oh wow wouldn't i wish...!
i do wonder if you'll miss your condo on the shore.
thankful for your new home and filled to the brim
life these days ♥♥♥

Sherry said...

difficult .. hugely .. in some respects.
in other respects, memories bubbled up and
we smiled, laughed, .... then tears. yes.
so ::: dad called me this afternoon asking
if i'm bringing apple fritters tomorrow afternoon.
i've woken a sleeping giant. wink.

Sherry said...

oh sweet precious friend ... love you to pieces. ♥