12 January 2018

vantage point.

the other day while grocery shopping
these dozen roses found their way
to my cart to my car to my home
to grace the vase displaying
eucalyptus leaves from Christmas.
the softest blush tone with a hint
of green on the tips. they spoke
to me and sometimes it's just
the right thing to do ...
buy flowers for yourself.

this morning offered the perfect
lighting for a quick snap
and here you go.


Shirley said...

They're beautiful & I'm glad you treated yourself!

Sherry said...

thanks sis, i'm glad i did as well.
sometimes it really IS the right thing.
love you oodles. ♥

Deanna Rabe said...

Yes! I may treat myself to some today!

Adrienne said...

Beautiful - like you, dear friend. I'm so glad these delightful roses found their way into your cart and on to your home.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Sherry...thanks for the peek;)

Anonymous said...

SO much lovely in your picture. SO much!!!! Thank you for sharin it with us <3 !!!!! Beautiful~ tammy

Sherry said...

oh good :)

Sherry said...

glad you peeked ;)

Sherry said...

those roses make my heart smile.
so do you. :)

Dorothy Langlois said...

The roses are so pretty Sherry and the photo is simply delightful! Hopefully you and hubby are back to good health so you can enjoy the weekend.
Hugs and Blessings,

Sandi said...


Like the commercial used to say: you're worth it!

Red Rose Alley said...

I'm glad you bought yourself some flowers, Sherry. I've been seeing the blush roses lately in nature, and they're so pretty. I bet they brighten up your home with this dreary weather we're having in California. Although, I'm loving this winter season. : )


GrammaGrits said...

What a lovely pictures . . . I can almost smell the roses!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I bought a Bosron fern at the grocery store last week. GREEN! Those flowers are beautiful.

Sherry said...

i'm just about 100% and the hubs..? poor hubs.
has a ways to go yet until he feels even semi-human.
we have a very busy weekend. necessarily so.
but i'll ensure he eats good things and rests
whenever possible. <3

Sherry said...

they are quite pretty, hm?
amazing what trader joe's offers
for $5.99 :)

Sherry said...

on one of our rose bushes are 3 sweet and frilly
english sachets blooms. the lightest of pink.
so pretty. i actually love the overcast sky.
it's a personal favorite. i tend to 'come alive'
when it's overcast or foggy. weird, huh?

Sherry said...

i'll breath in their scent for you .. wink.
but you should really go out and pick up
some blooms just for you. i highly encourage
the practice. ♥

Sherry said...

i ♥ ferns .. all types of ferns.
did you put the fern on your kitchen
table or on your desk?

Cheryl said...

Picking up a bunch of grocery store flowers is a treat I give myself when I am winter-weary. It does wonders! Your bouquet is exquisite!

Sherry said...

i may make it a habit.
like the first of the month
kind of habit .. unless the
hubs blesses me with a bloom 1st. ;)

JC at the uncommonpearl said...

So beautiful, just like you.❤
I love having fresh flowers at home. I would have them in EVERY room!

Sherry said...

that way, the scent would linger through the house!
and next to every vase of roses rests an inhaler
just for me. wink. wheeze. ;) ♥