03 February 2018


seems like just yesterday we faced 2018 head on and now it's already february. i could do with a bit slower calendar, could you? at the very moment i could do with a snail's pace but me moving at a hare's pace. yes, that's the ticket! 

so yesterday i visited dad at sherwood forest. and ended my visit with him in bed due to swelling in his lower legs. it's amazing to see how fast they can get him out of his wheelchair and into bed.. on the way out i learned that compression stockings were going to be put on him in a few minutes. wonderful! legs elevated and sheet to cover him, his eyes closed for an afternoon nap and yet his parting words were, "pizza for dinner." so i called the next sister on the rotating list of who has pizza delivered when .. and at 5pm on the dot pizza was delivered. he called me at 6pm to let me know it was all gone and he's happy happy and then the conversation ended after he said goodnight and hung up. 
dear ole dad.

talked to mom the other day and she was in need of a day of rest. so i'm hoping she did just that - rest! i sure wish she lived in town .. my town .. so i could see her regularly and have her over for dinner or bring her dinner, go shopping, go for walks, chat, and just be with her. she's a beautiful woman inside and out and i love her dearly. her talent for decorating, her love of birds, of gardens, of anything beautiful .. doesn't go unnoticed.

evelyn the precious pooch is showing her age a bit more.. 
hip displasia is common with retrievers and we've necessarily increased her daily glucosamine. she'll be 13 in may. 

and the hubs. bless his pea pickin' heart...
after 5 days on Rx he went back to the doc and now he's
on prednisone for 6. this has got to make him well

me? i'm fine. other than my fibro flaring up 
making my hands especially left wrist and thumb area throb. 

reading through my post i realize i've 
been talking about ailments and such. 
i'm officially old. wink.

but in other news.......? 

i bought a new cell phone yesterday and it's a bit larger than my other one so i can see numbers and junk more clearly. 
{there i go again with the ailments..} 
new phones always take some getting used to 
and i'm not a hugely techy individual so there's some angst expected. 
let's call it an adjustment period.
but the phone has a pretty silver diamond pattern on the back of it even though it's completely covered up front and back with an envelope type cover thingy. and it's a bit bigger. for my eyes.

the hubs went with me to phone shop .. so i treated him to dinner at our favorite restaurant that serves Chinese food. shrimp for me, mongolian beef for him, and spinach with hot garlic sauce for both of us. oh yUm. 

then home. by 6pm we had jammies on and after taking the pooch outside for necessary stuff we cozied up on the couch with mugs of hot cocoa in our hands .. and clicked on netflix to watch another episode of Somebody Feed Phil .. "everybody loves raymond" creator Phil Rosenthal travels around the world sampling food and tradition with friends and a sense of humor. so far we've visited thailand, vietnam, portugal, and new orleans. but for tonight i promised 4WD videos which means i'll be sitting next to him cozied on the couch and pinning pins on pinterest from my new to me larger phone. wink.

we're having a warm non rain winter. while enjoyable for this time of year, please know that parts of california are already experiencing drought. and i know our spring summer and fall will have water restrictions which means taking a bucket into the shower to catch the run off to pour over plants rather than using the garden hose. this also means no wasting water while i stand under the shower head for hours - not that i ever do that - because i don't - but if i did i'd need to halt that practice! we no longer have grass to water so that's a non issue for which i'm thankful. for other folks it is ... and it vexes me to see them watering their lawn at noon. noon?! and they let the water run for an hour or more .. and i watch it run down the street and into the gutter. it's as if .. well .. i'll be quiet on that subject. sigh...

it's time for more coffee. 
so i'll sashay to the stove and take care of that
wonderful personal necessity in life. 

hoping your saturday leading to sunday and beyond has moments of sweetness laced and graced here and there, 
embracing your hearts. ♥ ♥ ♥

until next time,


Sue Silva said...

I just got a phone, too! My very first. Love it!!!!

Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, conserve on the water. Even though our drought was over last year, it's still wise not to waste water. I know it's hard in the cold winter days wanting a long warm shower, but some people think we can just use water any time, any where.....and we shouldn't. Thanks for the reminder, Sherry.


Deanna Rabe said...

I love this post, ailment talk and all.

What kind of phone did you get? I sure hope these meds help Clark. No fun to keep being sick.

I’m sorry you have no rain this year, I know that’s going to mean restrictions. Your ways to collect water are good and simple, just wish you didn’t need to!

Carissa Anne said...

What a pleasure to open up this little spot to a big giant red heart!
There are so many points in these thoughts of yours today that I could say
"Oh, me too". I could write a book just on those today. :-)
But for the sake that it may not be appropriate to write a whole book in this little box, I will just leave it at this, I'm thankful to be able to come and read, and "connect". It makes my heart happy! xoxoxoxo
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is fun to hear of your dad *Pizza for dinner*!!! And your sweet pooch and beautiful Mom!! Ailments, i think we can all relate!! It sounds like your guy may be feelin better too!!! Praise the Lord for that!! I want to thank you for the heads up on *Escape to the Country* a while back. We have LoVeD it!!! I will also look into the *Feed Phil* show. We got our GR puppy. She is precious~Evie is her name. But, mercy i reckon this will be my last puppy cuz she is cray cray busy!!!~tAmmy

Cheryl said...

Ailment talk. It's what we do. My two younger girls have spent so much time with older people (grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles), that they don't even bat an eye. They have a vast knowledge of old people stuff. :)

I am taking note of "Somebody Feed Phil." Sounds like our kind of show!

Praying that Clark is soon feeling well again!

A Joyful Cottage said...

You just can't go wrong with jammies on and hot cocoa in hand, snuggled together watching a favorite program. Sorry to hear Clark has been sick. I pray he is back to normal very soon. Aging has its challenges, I know. I remind myself often that with each year I'm closer to going to my Eternal Home. Jesus is sweeter to me with every breath. God bless you, sweet friend. Hugs.

Regine Karpel said...

Have a blessed day.

Jen Kershner said...

Love that lovely, patchy Valentine heart and agree with you completely about slowing time down. How do we do this? I actually googled "why is time passing quickly" the other day thinking it was some sort of phenomenon that was happening. Apparently it's our perception as we get older. Whatever. I'm actually sure it really is moving quicker! ;)