19 June 2018

good {healthy} groceries.

we eat a mess of greens in this household..
usually i chop & assemble
varied ingredients in a bowl. this time
the only thing IN the bowl was greens.
everything else remained on the board
for individual preferred salads.
makes for a pretty table..

i picked up a small ciabatta roll .. 
sliced & served on its own cutting board

add just a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette 


::personal preference::
i remove stems from the greens.
it takes additional time in the prep
but the end result pleases.
do you remove stems from greens?


Deanna Rabe said...

I am a stem remover! This is such a wonderful idea, and makes it fun and beautiful to assemble a delicious salad!

Sherry said...

Stem Removers Unite!!!

Adrienne said...

Another stem remover checking in! I love this idea. When my dear, little mother was alive I always set out a 'salad bar' for choices. Hers were far different than mine and my sweetheart's varies a bit from mine. Everyone was thrilled - well, at least I think they were! - to have an assortment of things to choose. Now I need a board!

Sherry said...

another stem remover checking in... thanks to Adrienne!
i'm not alone (praise be). wink.

Deanna said...

First off....looks delicious. Am trying to eat more greens, veggies. Most the time I do de-stem.

Michelle said...

This looks like a perfect meal to me. I am also a stem remover :)

Red Rose Alley said...

Your salads always look Yummy, Sherry. And so healthy too. Yes, I try to remove most of the stem, but not all of it. And my favorite is butter lettuce, although, spinach lettuce is a good one too. You have a nice variety of foods in the salad. Love those artichoke hearts. The bread looks great. Now, I want a salad! ; )


A Whole Lotta Magic said...

You are such an artist, Sherry.

Sherry said...

Deanna ... thank you :)
adding more veg to our diets is so important.
but right now i'm longing for mashed potatoes
and gravy... everything in moderation, hm?

Anonymous said...

Good, healthy, and beautiful groceries!!!!! Makes me say MMMmmmmmm!!!! :-)
~tammy ps. hope you are well <3

Sherry said...

michelle ..
something on the cutting board for everyone. :)
there were leftovers for lunch so i made a wrap
filled to overflowing with veg along with a bit
of protein. delish!

Sherry said...

Sheri ::
thank you for the reminder of butter lettuce!
it's been entirely too long since i bought
that type green. :) going on the list ♥

Sherry said...

magic susan ::
thank you! can't draw a stick figure to save
my life but assemble some groceries? i can do that. lol

Patti said...

What a pretty presentation! And so smart too, as not everyone likes all the ingredients I toss in a salad. Assembling their own with only what they want is so much better than picking things out.

I am generally a stem remover. However, if I'm short on time, the stems will stay on the baby spinach.

Have a great day,

Sherry said...

hi there Patti. :)
i like making salads this way
and they seem to be well rec'd
by others. thinking i'll do this
more often..

Sherry said...

tammy ..
sending you hugs across the miles ♥

Weekend-Windup said...

Yummy and healthy salad! I too remove the stem from the greens:)

Dorothy Langlois said...

This would be a great solution to my salads that grow. I start out with good intention but by the time I finish my salads are huge and Precious Husband gasps when I set it down. We are trying to get more greens in too and we love salads. It does make for a very pretty presentation.