11 July 2018

.open heart open home.

recently the hubs built a sweet gate
at the front of our home sweet home..
and even more recently he acquiesced
to my request of a sweet heart
on that sweet gate,
so that as the gate opens
you'll witness
.open heart open home.

the was made simply by
using my template to draw
on a weathered piece of wood
then cutting. i stained and
clear coated the pieces
and he affixed them to the
gate with equally weathered screws.

come on over:
the coffee's always ready in a jiffy ..
hot or cold over ice ..
your choice.

09 July 2018

♥ 30 ♥

we met .. age 12 .. 7th grade english class
we remet .. age 28 .. 10 year high school reunion
we married .. age 30
& you know what?
we'd choose one another all over again ..

03 July 2018

.♥ family of the heart.

{.wendy & tim.}
these sweet young folks
.. well, young compared to the hubs and i ..
are world travelers and adventurers.
having returned from 3 years living abroad
in a very sandy spot on earth, teaching
in a school and drinking in the many
offerings of a life worthy of memory
making, they've returned stateside
and are now venturing to new
experiences in a state not my own
but one i've visited fairly recently.

wendy was our daughter's babysitter
from 1 year old on ... like an older sister.
she and her parents became like family
in the town we've lived in for 27 years.

they've snugly squirreled themselves
into the pockets of our hearts and lives
through and through ..
and are every bit kind & joyous
as this picture hints.
and .. we love them.

last friday night we met up for 
food, fellowship, and fUn. 
the hubs used wendy's
phone to take charge
of the selfies.
he's not exactly adept
at such an undertaking.
but we've saved the shots
and offer them as an
example of our evening.
sure am glad we all happened
to wear coordinating clothing!
serendipitous, hm?

oh. dear.

and of course the backdrop was our
55 boles aero monterey .. 
the one we're currently restoring.

dearest wendy .. thank you for being
such a dear friend*family .. i adore you 

the hubs and i look forward to visiting 
wendy & tim in their new hometown 
where silos stand tall and hearts are full
and biscuits are flaky.... 
love you to the moon and back.