18 September 2018

popping in.

popping in to say hEllo and share
a few pictures before popping back
out and getting busy on my next
series of planned tasks. 
the past few days tasks included
delving into a large closet
{.black hole more like it.}
and a few cupboards
{.competing for black hole status.}
lOts of bOxes & bAgs later ..
they're going to a couple friends
for a vendor spot in an antique shop
as well as some personal uses.

"Have nothing in  your house that you do not know
to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
~ william morris ~

.i'm taking that quote to heart.
.little by little.

i added a couple seasonal touches
to the backyard cottage..
when trader joe's brings
pumpkins in i'll choose a few
special ones for the cottage porch.
this afternoon i'll deep clean
the cottage, prepping it for 
guests in the near future.

last night the hubs was otherwise engaged during 
dinner so i made a pretty salad all my own and ate it while 
watching an episode of Escape to the Country on youtube.
super greens * micro greens * walnuts * blueberries * chicken 

prepping for an upcoming vintage trailer rally..
i plan the rally each year and do the larger
portion of cooking for the crowd.
the 1st night is always chili and cornbread.
i'll bake the cornbread in 8x8 tin pans,
cool, wrap well, and freeze.

using my large electric roaster to make the chili
works very well. after cooling a bit it'll be portioned
into extra large freezer bags and frozen flat. 
this makes it easy to transport and a quick thaw
for the 1st night of the gathering.
chili and cornbread and harvest salad for 30.

a pumpkin spice candle is offering sweet aroma
and the precious pooch is napping on the kitchen rug.
and i see i'm in need of more liquid life... ♥ 

15 September 2018

a bit of commentary.

.   .   .   as a matter of fact i have been rather busy
which is why you haven't seen me in these parts of late. 
while uploading pictures in preparation for this post,
thunder sounded. it smells of rain though rain isn't in the
forecast. but i'll pretend just the same..
and if rain does come forth 
it'll be that much better, especially since 
i made a little pot of soup yesterday using leftover
chicken. it seems timely, that bit of thunder. a high of 76
is expected at 3pm then the temps will dip rather 
quickly - for which i'm thrilled! good sleeping weather!
and just yesterday i ordered a new robe and slippers
via amazon (prime) which should arrive tomorrow 
and you'll find me/us cozy*cozy in our 
jammies & robes & slippers. 
autumn..... i love it! 

a visit to *HollyBolly* 
as the hubs refers to *HobbyLobby* 
was in order.. i could roam those aisles for 
inspiration alone .. for days. but this visit
was a mere 30 minutes (a record i'm certain) 
whereby i chose this
faux wood pumpkin and a few autumnal sprays. 
once home i quickly put together a little
setting and called it done.

for my chicken soup i thawed a couple quarts of chicken stock
and put it in the crock pot to warm. while that was happening
the veggies were sliced (carrot,onion,celery) and saute'd
in just a tich of olive oil, garlic, pepper, parsley, 
and about a half cup of dry white wine,
reducing the liquid to half.
in the crock went the veggies and chicken breast.
i set it to low for a couple hours or three
while i tended to tasks, enjoying the developing aroma.
the soup is simple and nourishing .. for the body & the soul.

we've been working on this little vintage trailer.
{'55 boles aero monterey 12ft front kitchen}
evelyn the precious pooch is offering moral
support and doing a bit of directing.

with the new subfloor installed, as well as
wiring, much thicker insulation, and mounting strips,
the next step came into play:
being that this make trailer has an aluminum
frame and ribs (rather than wood), it'll never
rot. the hubs sealed the interior very well
and we installed new butyl when we removed
the windows & drip rails for cleaning and repair.

using armstrong exelon vct lino tiles in light gray,
i cut them down from 12" square to 9" square
which is circa size for the year. then i installed them
using glue dedicated for this type lino and use,
varying the direction through the entire floor area.
evelyn helped me. i'd scoot to the next area and
she'd up and move TO that area whereby i'd have
to slide her out of the way. she was helping.
and i love her company so it's sweet.

this was how we received the trailer. 
we knew it was to be a "ground up" restoration project
but until you see the real deal ... ? you just get a
box of tissue ready cuz you're gonna have a meltdown
when the reality sets in. and it did. but it was shortlived 
because i'm so excited about this trailer
for a myriad of reasons! 
she'll be a beauty. pinky promise.

the original birch wall panels were 
off the aluminum studs by the seller. 
on one hand that's just fine because
we're only using them as a general template.
on the other hand..? it was a thoughtless act
on the seller's part, especially since he did
the same unkindness to all the cabinets,
doors, and cubbies,
rendering some as useless. 
when we removed the contents of the trailer
we set up each piece in the garage and
labeled the pieces for placement.
the templates are a general shape because
we added thick insulation and a thicker
subfloor which changes the shape 
of the actual wall section{s}. 
many attempts and cuts and reshaping
is necessary for each partition. 
it's a test in patience to be sure..

we chose walnut rather than the original birch.
it's heavier - yes.
it's twice as spendy - yes.
it's hugely gorgeous - oh yes!

once we traced and adjusted and the hubs
made the final cuts, i set to work on the finish:
sanding the surfaces with 220 grit, then wiping down,
i applied a coat of Ralph Lauren Tobacco Glaze
then gently wiped down the excess.
after it dried i very lightly sanded using 400 grit
then wiped down any residue. three coats of
General Finishes Satin Clear Coat came next,
drying well between each coat. 
while time intensive,
the finished product is, 
in our estimation, gorgeous.

the side walls are completed:
curb side and street side. we'll be adding
trim in the same wood to complete the process.
next up we'll put in the front and back using
thinner wood (1/8") for the curved areas
leading toward the ceiling,
with the ceiling being the last installation
for the trailer shell.

then comes construction of the interior:
bed frame, closets, potty room, & kitchen.

we having this trailer in our back yard.
it's so easy to bee-bop outside and work on 
it without curious neighborly interruption,
not to mention the savings on warehouse
storage every month! our other trailer,
a '55 boles aero mira mar front kitchen ..
remains in the warehouse for protection
and security .. well worth the $.

the agapanthus has winded down for the season..
even in it's bare blossomed state, there's beauty.

tomatoes are still ripening but i'm thinking this week
will be the last of the lot. i'm bringing sliced tomatoes
to my dad at sherwood forest. he seems to be enjoying 
the fresh taste and aroma.. along with the snacks i tote.

he's a fall risk and has been to the ER
two times {falls} in the year he's called himself
a california boy. this last ER visit (the 3rd)
wasn't from a fall. rather, some tingling
and numbness in his hands and arms.
the hubs and i were there with him.
many tests run - then the diagnosis
of peripheral neuropathy. 
Rx in place but so far it isn't doing much
to remedy his situation.
once the ER doc was done with his
assessment and chat with dad (& us)
he wished us all well and said,
"see you next time!"
{.same doc each ER visit.}
{.soon we'll be on a 1st name basis.}

all 431 sisters and families are landing
in town for dad's 89th birthday coming up
in october. every bed in our home will be
filled, and a local hotel for additional family. 

there's a cracker barrel in town.
just opened and it's a favorite of dad's from
when he lived in florida those many years.
so to cracker barrel we go. 

one of my 431 sisters has 3 pet chickens
and they lay the most adorable diminutive eggs.
her last visit she brought lots and left them here.
the egg marked *alice* was a personal offering
from none other than . . . . . . . . . . . . alice.
.delish. nothing like the real thing!

made a little stir-fry din-din recently.
the veggies were perfectly done with a hint
of crunch and the bok choy leaves were
merely sweated rather than cooked. yUm.

longing for the fog and color change ..
how i wish autumn lasted 6 months,
with 6 months of spring (w/o allergies).

and even the annual dropping of the leaves .. i long.

until then, i added a little autumn whimsy to the front
porch table. the other morning it was 60 degrees. and while
56 is my favorite temperature, nevertheless i brought my
Vermont mug filled with liquid life, to the table.. 
and sat a good while with the pooch by my feet. 
a new to me book, 
Face Toward the Spring 
by Faith Baldwin is my current read. 

i've set to complete one in-home project a day.
since i've only had one cup of blessed liquid life 
i dare say another is needed then it's time to get busy.

.. purposing to check in on your blogs later .. 

until next time,

06 September 2018

and on thursday.

:: thursday ::

i'll be for the most part staying home ..  
spending time with the pooch, 
watering the garden, 
pulling plants that no longer 
have a place for the season, 
home keeping, 
putting planning pieces together 
for an upcoming vintage trailer rally, 
choosing a couple drawers to sift 
and toss or merely organize, 
prep for a simple chicken stir-fry dinner 
(wednesday i planned zip so the hubs 
had a bagel and was just dandy 
about it thank you very much..
i expect my uncle Al 
will give me grief for that one..
he reads my blog ..wink), 
important phone call(s), 
& talking with my mom ♥ 
(everybody needs their mother 
at one time or another 
or even more often 
or lots more often). 
i may even take myself out for 
coffee or tea or a skinny latte. 
and a nap. definitely a little nap - 
about 10 minutes will do. do you nap? 

i admit to being curious as to what she's gazing at or thinking.
and i have to say how very much i love the kitchen..

time to reflect. 
to focus on the essential.
considering much.
choosing wisely.

... time has a way of fleeting ...
i pray i use my time wisely.
and generously.
in His leading.
and in His love.

Majesty ..
Your grace has found me
just as i am ..
empty handed,
but alive in Your hands.