09 August 2018

in the afternoon.

very recently .. 
like this week ...
we finally had french doors installed.
i say finally because we purchased the doors from a home improvement store (Lowe's) in may and after 3 different installers came to scope out the install area and take measurements, the final installer came out to do the same and actually completed his part of the job. i guess there was some reorganization of staff and outside contractors which made the process much much much longer than anticipated and initially indicated upon purchase. regardless, they're in and we only have to do the finish work: painting the actual doors inside and out, as well as touching up the interior wall paint. the contractor used was excellent - very skilled. i'm thankful it took so long 
if it meant Eric was the final puzzle piece. 

i was sitting at the kitchen table and glanced over to the doors .. i'm thankful for the bit of beauty held in this view. and i'm doubly thankful the slider that had been in place nearly 25 years groaned its last and gave up the ghost. and while we don't plan to remain in this home past the hub's retirement, we want to update and spiff and shine the old abode before we sell and set off into the sunset. this was but one of many projects on the books. it's a good thing. and we're loving it already! now if evelyn the precious pooch would figure out that she must exit in a little different way, things'd be swell. wink. 
she's a dear. an old dear. but a dear.

the hubs got off work a little early so came home and changed into his work clothes: Levis and a white t-shirt. i remember him wearing this type outfit since high school days. it was "the thing." here he is checking out Eric's workmanship. thumb's up .. well done. 

another project was completed as well. this one was taken care of quickly! one area of the sprinklers in the backyard redwood grove was giving grief. come to find out it was badly leaking due to roots.. the hubs back isn't what it used to be so he's choosing the projects to take on and this wasn't high on the radar to do himself. my dearie friend jAn and her hubby Richard who is my brother from another mother - to the rescue. they use an excellent landscaper and offered to let him know of our predicament. Vicente came over and discussed the job with the hubs and got to work the next day - completing that job quickly! the hubs is thrilled which makes me thrilled 
which makes the precious pooch thrilled. 

i have a few projects for the hubs .. 
funny thing though,
all i hear are crickets. 


Deanna Rabe said...

I love French Doors. I’ll have to come visit before your hubs retirement just so I can go in and out the French doors!

Adrienne said...

I love French doors and I know yours are wonderful. So glad some projects are coming to an end so you can cross them off the list. We're doing the same.

Sherry said...

deanna ..
i've been doing that (going in and out of the doors)
and standing to gaze. wasting time on nice things. ;)

Sherry said...

adrienne ..
and everything takes a bit longer (many times anyway)
than the time we *think* it'll take. 1st world problem.

Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

How beautiful! So happy for you... They are lovely! It's wonderful you were able to find just the right person to install them.

Enjoy the view! Blessings! Net

Sherry said...

Net :: we're so thankful to have them installed! :)

Deanna said...

Know you'll enjoy,

Sherry said...

deanna :: we're *loving* it!

JC at the uncommonpearl said...

French doors make my heart sing and i know just where these are located....looking out into your oh so lovely gardens. Enjoy! I'm currently in the midst of cement dust as tile has been gladly chipped away in the dining and living room, walls painted a creamy white, and the wood floors are going down one sweet plank at a time. Praying for my Sweetheart' s back! I love the way the light comes through your doors. XOXO

Sherry said...

JC :: oh boy howdy you and 'the doc' are up to your eyeballs in projects! transformation of your already gorgeous home - looking forward to the results. pictures requested. ♥♥♥